Some men tend to freeze up around the holidays, and not just from the chilly weather. The thought of shopping for Christmas presents for their wives can cause paralyzing anxiety; they dread braving the crowds that are doing the same, not to mention not knowing what to get.

Jewelry is generally a safe gifting bet for all occasions. At By Fabrizio Design, we happen to be consummate experts on the matter. Discover our collection of necklaces for your wife, and why they’re the perfect holiday present for the love of your life:

Fabrizio Sassano, The Man Behind By Fabrizio Design

Fashion and jewelry designer, international model, Fabrizio Sassano designs jewelry with your wife’s happiness as his goal. Elegance and refinement are in his blood: his mother studied fashion and design while pregnant with him, and from her he inherited a passionate love for all things beautiful. He has since carried that love throughout his life and career, allowing it to guide every decision he’s made thus far.

With his jewelry brand, By Fabrizio Design, he honors her and his Italo-Venezuelan culture and heritage. Sassano started learning how to make jewelry as a teenager and was introduced to the Entorchado technique, the intricate process of twisting and braiding delicate metallic wires together that is now used in many of the offerings in our catalog.

Steeped In History, A Celebration Of Legacy: The Entorchado Technique

Historically reserved for Mesoamerican indigenous maidens tasked with creating offerings to be brought into the pyramids, Entorchado is an ancient technique, one that has been used since before the Spanish conquest.

It is a laborious process, requiring a high level of skill and strict attention to detail. Sassano is a master of this particular craft, incorporating precious materials, gemstones, crystals, and freshwater pearls into his designs. They are then painstakingly worked with, using thin metallic wiring to connect bead to bead with intention. Everything is done by hand, resulting in exquisite and delicate bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. The intention and imagination of the master is evident in each piece. 

Necklaces For Your Wife from The Gioconda Collection: Glamor and Sophistication Made Tangible

Gioconda is Italian for “the smiling lady”, and is famously also the Italian name for Leonardo da Vinci’s master work, the Mona Lisa. The collection is dedicated to and inspired by women: mothers and aunts who stand by and support their families with undying love and boundless dedication. The earrings, bracelets, rings, anklets, and necklaces in the Gioconda collection are refined, elegant, and luxurious, while still being entirely accessible–they are down-to-earth, but looking up. Consider necklaces for your wife this holiday season and peruse our carefully curated picks:

necklaces for your wife

With the Di Mare rosary necklace, Sassano celebrates and pays homage to his cultural and religious beliefs. They are made with freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, and precious metals, all painstakingly crafted using the Entorchado technique. “Di Mare” means “of the sea” in Italian; indeed, these pieces bring to mind the grace and fluidity of the ocean at its calmest.

Shown here is the Di Mare Entorchado rosary necklace in iridescent freshwater pearl. The decade beads are aventurine, long believed by Italians to bring good luck and fortune to its wearer. It features a 14 karat gold vermeil cross encrusted with large white zirconia; the same material is used to create the finely carved signet. It’s a beautiful gift for the woman who radiates kindness and holds her values close to her heart.


necklaces for your wife

The Andria stone necklace is another excellent choice for the love of your life. Here, again, the Entorchado technique is used to thread the precious and semi-precious stones together, culminating in a fanciful tassel pendant that dances to every movement. Shown here is the variation that makes use of amethyst and agate beads. In crystal healing, amethyst is believed to have a soothing effect, relieving the wearer of stress and anxiety. It is also considered a powerful protective stone. Agate amplifies these benefits, similarly providing protection and peace to the wearer. This is a wonderful necklace for your wife, especially if she has a strong personality and a confident demeanor.

necklaces for your wife

Named for the capital city of the Metropolitan City of Bari and of the Apulia region in southern Italy, the Bari pearl necklace is a versatile piece for the wife who carries herself subtly, but with style. This variation is made with freshwater pearls and features a cheerful turquoise-colored rose above the playful gold tassel. The rose is accompanied by a 14 karat gold vermeil bee charm, further adding to the whimsy of the necklace. It’s a superlative choice for a wife who loves life and nature, and isn’t afraid to show her appreciation for the world and those around her.

For more necklaces for your wife that would make memorable gifts, view our entire Gioconda necklaces collection.