Shopping for a significant other can be tough. Even when you know someone inside and out, it’s hard to be certain that they’ll love the Christmas present that you’ve picked out for them.

One thing’s for sure, no woman would ever turn down a gift of beautiful jewelry. We happen to specialize in that here at By Fabrizio Design.

Fabrizio Sassano: The Man Behind the Design

With a mother who was studying fashion and design when she was pregnant with him, Fabrizio Sassano is a man who seems almost predestined for the jewelry industry. You might even say that it’s in his blood.

His unique Italo-Venezuelan background is evident in his creations, each of them as exquisite as they are distinctive. Every piece is a celebration of his values, his rich cultural heritage, and his extensive travels. Sassano is inspired by the beauty of the world around him, as well as by the people he collaborates with in the production of his designs. The result? Jewelry that is inclusive, cultured, and resolutely fashionable.

Masterfully designed necklaces to get your girlfriend, By Fabrizio

As a teenager, Sassano was taught Entorchado, an ancestral fastening technique used in Hispanic designs. This meticulous, labor-intensive process of twisting delicate metallic wires to connect precious or semi-precious stones together was also historically relegated to indigenous women who held the privilege of creating offerings to the gods.

In the hands of an Entorchado master like Sassano, raw materials come to life, creating necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that are delicate and refined, yet unabashedly modern. Many of the pieces in our extensive catalog make use of the Entorchado technique. Every necklace highlights the imagination and hard work that goes into its creation, making it the perfect meaningful Christmas gift. 

Necklaces to get your girlfriend from By Fabrizio Design’s Gioconda line

Gioconda is By Fabrizio Design’s collection intended for the elegant and sophisticated woman. The word is Italian for “the smiling lady”; it also happens to famously be the Italian name for Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, the Mona Lisa. A necklace from the Gioconda line suits a woman who knows what she wants–she is cultured, well-traveled, confident, and stylish.

Necklaces to get your girlfriend

The Di Mare Rosary Necklace is one of our  finest offerings in the Gioconda collection. Made with freshwater pearls, 14K gold vermeil, and a variety of precious or semi-precious stones, it is crafted using the Entorchado technique and is a celebration of Sassano’s religious beliefs and trust in the divine. 

Shown here is the variation in freshwater pearls, transparent crystals, and a 14K gold vermeil cross and signet. The cross is encrusted with small white zirconia; it sparkles beautifully when it catches the light. 

The Di Mare necklace is also offered in other colors and materials. Those looking for a darker color option may wish to consider the variation in grey freshwater pearl.

The Positano Memory Necklace is another excellent option. These necklaces are made with a kind of wire that holds its shape, hence the “memory” in the name. It is named after the cliffside village of Positano in Italy, a premier tourist destination on the Amalfi Coast.

The variation pictured here is the one in coral, and features a continuous line of coral-colored beads. The same can be found contained within the golden heart cage pendant. It is also available in a wide variety of other colors and materials, but we especially like the whimsical pinkish hue of this piece. It’s an excellent present for the girlfriend with a penchant for the soft and ultra-feminine.

Necklaces to get your girlfriend from By Fabrizio Design’s Aurora line

Where Gioconda is for the glamorous woman, Aurora is for the young lady that’s as cheerful as the sunrise on a new morning. As you may already know, Aurora is Italian for “dawn”; it is By Fabrizio Design’s collection for trendy young women, as well as those who are young at heart. The designs here are more modern and playful, incorporating pastel hues as well as more vibrant pops of color.

The Cuore chain necklace is a dainty yet nonetheless classy piece for the young lady who’s not a girl, but not quite yet a woman. The variation pictured here features a gold-plated chain that holds a purple heart charm, a color that has long been associated with royalty, as well as grace, leadership, and strength.

Other variations of the Cuore include ones that feature a fuschia, green, pink, or yellow heart charm. All make for excellent tokens of affection.

If your girlfriend is into a more fanciful style, you might want to consider the Cellini pearl necklace instead. Made with freshwater pearls and clay pukas, the variation shown here looks like it’s made out of pieces of candy, making for a sweet treat indeed. This option also has a gold-plated “Love” charm, but other variations feature a white heart or smiley face charms instead.

This holiday season, surprise your girlfriend with something beautiful and meaningful from By Fabrizio Design. Visit our Necklaces section now for more gift ideas.